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Do's & Don'ts - What You Should Know Before Using an Aluminum Tray in A Microwave

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Using an aluminum tray in the microwave can be a great way to quickly and easily heat up your food. But, before you start microwaving with aluminum trays, it’s important to understand all the do’s and don’ts of this cooking method. In this comprehensive guide, learn more about microwaving an aluminum tray and how to do so safely.

Do Check the Tray for Holes or Dents.

Before you place the aluminum tray in your microwave, inspect it for any dents or holes. If the tray has a hole or is dented, it can cause sparks while cooking. If this happens, quickly remove the tray and switch to another dish. It’s important to check metal trays before using them in the microwave every time to avoid this issue.

Don't Leave it Unattended in the Microwave.

Be sure not to leave your aluminum tray unattended in the microwave. Even on the lowest setting, it’s still possible for food to burn or catch fire if left alone. If you must leave the kitchen while something is cooking, make sure to set a timer and check back within the allotted time frame to be safe.

Do Use Only Specially Marked Trays.

Using aluminum trays in the microwave can be helpful, but you should make sure you are always using specially marked trays. This is because all sorts of aluminum objects may spark when introduced to intense heat like in a microwave, so it’s important to double check that your tray won't cause any sparks by not being specifically designed for microwaves. With safety in mind, take a look at the label to make sure it has been designated as “microwave-safe.”

Don't Cut Food on the Tray Itself.

Even if an aluminum tray is marked as “microwave-safe,” you should still avoid cutting your food on the tray itself. This is because sharp tools like knives, forks, or scissors may cause scratches on a surface that could lead food to become stuck and ignite sparks. To prevent this from happening, cut your food outside of the microwave before placing it in the tray for cooking.

Do Place the Tray on a Plate to Avoid Sparks or Arcs.

Always be sure to place the aluminum tray on a plate or other material when popping it in the microwave. This will act as a barrier between the hardware of the microwave and the metal tray, stopping any potential sparks or arcs from forming inside. While these are usually harmless in and of themselves, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you can avoid this problem by investing in just one spare plastic plate!

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