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Multiple use and maintenance of aluminum foil mould

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Die life kneading improvement depends on the design, manufacture, use and maintenance of the follow-up process perfect link. Rely on a single link and not useful intent, after all. Through the combination of various aspects of the trust, in the mold life can be improved.
Not only to achieve the requirement of temperature, heating kneading without core penetration is very important (placed inside the mold heating furnace. In the process of trial, kneading should focus on the following aspects to pay attention to:
Determine the mold temperature temperature before the kneading bar. Between the aluminum foil mold and the mold must have the certain temperature gap
2 must be aligned among a kneading mold and then to prevent collapse, plug, die appearance occurred.
3 for die not the same need to choose the suitable kneading speed too fast, to prevent the formation of the discharge is not smooth.
4. The kneading process we would also like to note quality of aluminum bar, prevent for aluminum bar impurity question forming mold collapse loss, and so on.
But it is the strength of the model to be thought of. Repair mode is a very important link. In order to ensure that the mold strength on the basis of repair mode. The final level is usually not used due to welding, welding has a serious impact on the life of die. Especially with the welding operation, shorten the life of the form is very simple. On the profile of the speed of the amendment, it is usually used to slow the local repair fast and do not choose to slow the local resistance. So far, the burden of mold structure, on certain level can ensure its life. Of course, to improve the level of repair model to reduce the number of test mode is one of the methods to improve the use life of die.
Extra attention should be taken to the link. The process of boiling pot. Especially some screw holes or more weak local, otherwise, it is very simple to punch the mold.
To prevent the bump with local operations. Before placing the mold. The transfer process of aluminum foil container mold should be careful of. Must need to wash clean, carefully and carefully to deepen the mold to check, there is no fine cracks and damage.

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