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Advantages of aluminum foil lunch box

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1. Safety - aluminum foil lunch boxes are made of environmentally friendly aluminum foil, because ordinary foam or plastic lunch boxes are afraid of heat, and toxic paper lunch boxes are afraid of water softening, while aluminum foil lunch boxes are resistant to high temperature (high temperature resistance can reach 250 degrees, low temperature resistance to negative 20 Degree) oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance will not decompose with food, aluminum foil raw materials provide food-grade SGS report.

2. Adapt to a variety of cooking methods - The aluminum foil lunch box can be used to hold any food, with high light transmittance and flexibility that is not sensitive to extreme temperatures, allowing you to adjust the food on various temperature bars and stoves. No need to change utensils, you can achieve one-stop use of food from refrigerator to table.

3. Beautiful - the aluminum foil lunch box is leak-proof, sturdy and beautiful in appearance. Aluminum foil is very conductive and can speed up baking and freezing. speed. Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum foil lunch boxes can retain the flavor of food faster and better.

4. Environmental protection - the use of aluminum foil lunch boxes will not have any impact on the environment, it is absolutely safe, easy to use, the price is synchronized with plastic products, and it can save water, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and low-carbon life.

5. Recyclability - aluminum foil lunch boxes have high income value, are easily degradable, easy to recycle, and can be recycled. It has a very positive significance for saving resources and reducing environmental pollution.

6. Heat preservation - aluminum foil heat preservation food aluminum foil is divided into photosensitive surface and matte surface. The photosensitive surface has good heat absorption performance, and the matte surface has good thermal insulation effect. If you order takeout and it cannot be delivered in time due to time, it is packed instead.

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